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Non Surgical Hair Replacement
For Men & Women

Using only the finest 100% human hair, we can create a range of systems that are completely undetectable, fitted, styled and custom made to suit your exact requirements and expectations. Only you will know your beautiful secrect and you can continue to live life to the full, including engaging in social and sporting activities.

If you are receding or bald this will transform this problem and your life.

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Great Lengths

Premium extensions are all made from 100% human hair. This quality means the extensions will look, feel and behave just like your own hair giving you the freedom to create a glamorous styles.

Attached with the unique ultrasound machine means that there is no heat so therefore makes it much kinder to the hair.


Have no glue, just attached with a colour coded micro ring. This method will not damage the hair in anyway, you may also re use the hair up to 3 times. So in total you can gain up to 9 months of wear.

C.P.T & M-Fold

Extensions are strips of 100% human hair attached to the skin which make it non detectable. It is a fast way to add colour volume and length. They are extremely comfortable to wear and re-usable up tp 2 years.

The strips need to be taken off and re applied every 6 - 13 weeks. It is also ideal for fine hair and a great alternative to clip-in's. With all the methods we can match any colour.

Volum Extra

When you have had hair extensions attached the bonds are hidden by the next layer, you can run out of camouflage as you reach the crown. The answer to this is volum Extra.

This is also suitable for all women with fine hair on top, with 3 attachments methods to suit each client.

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